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Are you convinced of your Levy & Frey products? Then share your experience with your family and friends and receive 1 month free shower 🛁 Your family and/or friends will receive 20% off their first order! If this is nothing 😍

How it works
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Recommend Levy & Frey to a friend
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Your friend orders something nice
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You will both receive your gift

FAQs - Freunde werben Freunde

Enter your name and email in the fields above and click "Get your link". Afterwards you can decide in which format you want to share your recommendation with a friend.

You can share your recommendation as a link via email, Facebook, Twitter, Link, WhatsApp or SMS.

Your friend will receive their discount when they enter your discount code in the checkout process. The 20% will be applied to the order or the first subscription delivery.

With each successfully referred friend, you will receive 1 free month of showers.

Your gift of 1 month of free showers will be credited to you with a delay of 30 days.Why?As a young company, we must protect ourselves against abuse. Your friend has of course the possibility to cancel their order or subscription within the first 30 days. Only if the order or subscription is not cancelled or returned within the first 30 days, the invitation counts as successful and you will be credited with your free shower.<\/p>.

The credit can only be issued if your friend has entered your referral code in the order process when placing the order or purchasing the subscription.Unfortunately, a subsequent naming of a referred friend by e-mail, fax, telephone or post is not possible for technical reasons.If the order of your referred friend is cancelled, remains unpaid or is returned, no credit will be issued.

Your friend only has to enter your individual discount code in the order process. He will receive his 20% discount immediately when ordering. His first order costs thus for example not € 49,90, but only 41,58 €. If your friend should have locked a Abo, these are naturally completely normal and without detours starting from. the 2nd order terminable.each customer can be recruited only once.

In the event of misuse of the program, we reserve the right to terminate all affected orders and/or subscriptions with immediate effect.

This is the case, for example, if recommendations are only made in pretence, discount codes are published on commercial sites or outstanding debts such as the additional payment are not paid. Any gifts purchased up to this point will then automatically expire. We hope never to have to exercise this right and reserve the right to terminate the "Invite a Friend" program with 4 weeks notice. Your already purchased gifts will remain valid and will not be affected.


You have further questions that we could not clarify here? Write us a message by all means! 💚

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