About us

Levy & Frey was brought to life by our founder Jo. A native of Berlin, she puts her heart and soul into creating a great and sustainable product experience for you with Levy & Frey. Curious? Here you can learn more about our founder, Jo.

How did the name Levy & Frey come about?

In fact, Levy and Frey are two, we think, wonderful first names with even more beautiful meanings. While Levy stands for faithfulness and connection, Frey means freedom. We found this combination of words very fitting for our body care and fell in love with it immediately. We hope you feel the same way!

Short and sweet: Our manufacturing and application. With our Levy & Frey concept, we have found a way to produce high-quality body care products while solving the two biggest problems of the industry: 1. the consumption of single-use plastic and 2. the elimination of artificial ingredients such as microplastics, parabens, silicones, etc.. In addition, our rich, valuable and natural raw materials further define the Levy & Frey formulas. 

Levy & Frey is a product that can be offered without changing your daily routine as well as at an affordable price, so really everyone can contribute to a more sustainable consumer behaviour.

Sustainability has many faces It is important to us to keep transport routes short and to support regional producers. That's why we produce exclusively in Germany.

How it works

The mixing of your Levy & Frey body care is super easy, fast and fun - we promise!

1st Step: Powder Open a bag of your Levy & Frey powder and pour the entire contents into the respective bottle.

2nd step: Water Fill your bottle with lukewarm tap water up to the 250ml mark

3rd step: Shake it!Pump it up, close tightly, shake well - let the magic happen!

4th step: Done! After approx. 5 min swelling time, your Levy & Frey body care is ready for your pampering shower!

Yes, please! To prevent lumps from forming or the powder from settling unbound at the bottom of the bottle, please shake it well when mixing the product. Afterwards, you do not need to shake the product any more, as the powder binds with the water permanently.


If shaking your products should result in increased foaming, simply release a small tick of foam from the bottle by twisting off the cap slightly or by giving 2,3 pump shots through the pump.

Foaming is an artificially created feature of body care by our industry. If it foams a lot, it cleans a lot - at least that's the theory. In truth, the foam is only there for our inner satisfaction.

To guarantee the best quality for our products, we have decided against the increased use of surfactants and thus less foaming - but don't worry: our Levy & Frey products all provide a nourishing and intensive cleansing of your skin and hair - even without much foam!


In Germany, the average adult consumes about 30 disposable plastic bottles of 250 ml each per year. The distribution among the respective body care products is as follows:

- 11 shower gel

- 10 shampoo

- 5 hand soaps (without Corona influence!)

- 5 conditioner


The best binding of powder and water is achieved with lukewarm tap water.

Caution: At a water temperature of more than 30 degrees, the material of the bottle can deform.

Our assortment

Of course, you can also get our care boost in a refill set individually and choose from different monthly packs here. This way to our refill sets


COMING SOON! We are already busy expanding our set constellations and trying to offer you the most personalized experience possible - tailored to your needs. Stay tuned and sustain in!

Of course, all our Levy & Frey products are free from animal testing! In the EU, testing of personal care and cosmetic products on animals is prohibited and therefore a standard for every company operating in Europe. For this reason, the advertising of animal-free products is officially prohibited.

You don't have to worry about anything here! The ingredients of our powders are, of course, 100% vegan!

Our body care powders

We have focused on very high quality, natural ingredients to do something good for you and our environment. For more details on the ingredients, please check out our product page under "ingredients".

We know how important the right smell of body care is. We have therefore formulated two beautiful, 100% natural unisex fragrances - see for yourself!

Hand Soap & Shower Gel Geranium leaves, bergamot peel, mandarin. Vitalising with a hint of citrus for a fresh skin feeling

Shampoo & Conditioner Rosemary, mandarin, cedarwood. Tangy, herbal, woody - wonderfully stimulating for your scalp & hair


Absolutely! Our fragrances are subtle and wonderfully suitable for both women and men - see for yourself!

No, we have made a conscious decision not to use microplastics, parabens, silicones or other artificial ingredients and focus exclusively on high-quality, natural ingredients.

And how! In the development of our Levy & Frey body care powders, we have chosen natural and valuable ingredients that do not contain added microplastics, fillers, parabens and silicones and are therefore 100% biodegradable.

Care instructions

As soon as you have used up your Levy & Frey products, the refill fun begins! To prevent quality losses, rinse your bottle once properly. Don't worry - it's quick and easy!

Step 1: Water First fill the bottle with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Clean the bottle Shake the bottle with the lukewarm water and rinse it out again. Repeat the process if necessary if there are still residues in the bottle.

Step 3: Clean the pump Rinse the pump once under the tap and clean it by pumping 3-4 times in lukewarm water until all residues are removed.

Step 4: Dry off, done!

Last note: If you do not reuse your Levy & Frey products directly, please make sure that the bottle and pump dry completely.

Yes, the bottle should be completely empty before you fill it again with 250 ml of water and your Levy & Frey powder, and you should also rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water before repeated use to prevent possible bacteria formation.


We have deliberately chosen PET bottles because they are extremely durable and can be used again and again with normal use. Thus, we can reduce the consumption of disposable plastic up to 96%. In addition, PET bottles are very stable and do not break or shatter when dropped, as would be the case with glass, which can lead to a considerable risk of injury in the bathroom.

Attention: Levy & Frey bottles & caps are not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher and must be washed exclusively by hand (max. 30 degrees).

rPET is recycled PET, which is obtained from single-use plastic. This means that only used PET and not new PET is used in the production process. This is basically a very good alternative to conventional PET, but also has certain disadvantages. Due to the process of rPET extraction, the material is not of as high a quality as new PET, which can more easily lead to microplastic being secreted into the product. We do not want to take the risk with our products and have therefore chosen PET bottles, which are all 100% recyclable.


Your Levy & Frey products will be shipped to any country in the world.

The delivery within the EU takes place in addition to Germany in the following countries:
Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Norway, Monaco, Finland, Belgium, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Denmark, Portugal and Greece.

We ship our products above a certain order value free of charge within Germany, to Austria and Switzerland.

All information about shipping costs can be found on our Shipping & Delivery page.

We offer our express shipping together with DHL Express. So if it has to go fast once can select in the checkout, alternatively to the standard shipping, express shipping. This means that all orders will be delivered by 12 noon, within Germany, on the next day (except for remote locations and islands).

All further information about express shipping can be found on our Shipping & Delivery page.

For all information about our shipping, visit our Shipping & Deliverypage.

Background knowledge

You can use our Levy & Frey bottles for several years without any problems if you take good care of them. The great advantage of PET is its durability. Of course, you can also fully recycle your Levy & Frey bottle and caps.

In principle, this is possible. However, please keep in mind that all our safety and quality tests have been carried out in our Levy & Frey product bottles and we cannot guarantee the product quality in other containers.
If you still want to use your own product bottles, please make sure that the containers are thoroughly cleaned and that the hoses of the dispenser pumps are thick enough to pump your Levy & Frey products.

All of our body care products are of the highest quality. They are not mass produced or artificially produced ingredients from the laboratory. We only use natural based ingredients in the production of our products.

Poor quality and artificial ingredients massively lower the price, but are out of the question for our products. Natural and sustainable products are therefore significantly more expensive to produce than conventional products. Nonetheless, we pursue the mission of making our high-quality and sustainable body care products generally accessible and therefore forego high margins.

One sachet contains 20g of powder and is therefore sufficient for 250 ml of body care.


You have further questions that we could not clarify here? Write us a message by all means! 💚

Here you can find our Levy & Frey contact form.